A few days ago I finally made my first outing to the Lady’s well in the small village of Woolpit and to try out some magnet fishing in the ancient moat and well.

The village itself is beautiful and steeped in history and probably best known for the story of the ‘Green Children of Woolpit‘, but on this occasion I was more interested in finding the ancient well known as the ‘Lady’s Well’.

The moat and well both date back to the medieval period, possibly earlier and the water from the spring is said be good for the eyes and was once used to dip children who were unwell into it. In the late 70s the water authority tested the water and found it to contain high levels of sulfates.

Directions to the well:

The well is located in a tiny wooded area and the well is located in the top right corner of the woodland surrounded by a moat.

To get to the reserve you have to enter Woolpit from the A14 from Ipswich and take the  first left turn after coming off the slip road towards Woolpit, it will be just past the GoldStar Transport company on the left. It can be easy to miss so keep an eye out for a small entrance on the left hand side of the road. Once you make it inside the small woodland you will see this:

Woolpit Lady's Well

Once you see the beacon in the picture above you can relax, this is the right place and the lady’s well is located just to the right but you have to cross a small moat/stream!



Here she is in the height of summer, This picture was taken 4 days ago on the 18th June 2017.



The water inside the well is about a foot deep and relatively clean. The water just outside the well is about 4-6 inches deep and has a slight flow through the small hole in the bricks.



There is a grill secured to the top of the well with chicken wire but someone or something had already tried to remove it. Luckily for me it was just bigger enough to drop an 80kg pull magnet down there.

Please remember, when visiting sites of interest like this do not do any damage!


Here is a video I made of me magnet fishing the well (apologies as there is no audio but I may do a voice over at some point)-